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If you are not negotiating you are leaving money on the table!


Sorry to break it to you but you are making Tom richer and if you are ready to put more money in your pocket, keep reading.


As women of color, we need to advocate for ourselves when it feels out of our comfort zone. It feels out of our comfort zone because we are conditioned to stay quiet and not raise our hands.


Calladita te ves mas bonita. Does that sound familiar? Not anymore! Times are changing and we are reclaiming our power! Our voice.


You know what is interesting? Our abuelas and tias have been going to the mercados and negotiating prices! So why can’t we? I’ve learned a lot by going to mercados in Guatemala and flea markets here in the US, so if we can ask our people of color for discounts, we can ask white men for a raise.


Four signs it is time to negotiate:


1. It has been 1 year: Rates are always changing. There are always new offers. This is the time to re-evaluate your add-ons that you may not need and can remove.


2. Competitor has a better rate: Check what competitors are offering. If your current provider or employer does not match it, are you willing to jump ship?


3. Your credit increased: The higher the credit score the better rates you will receive. Unless you negotiate a lower APR, banks will not come to you to give you a better deal. They love to take your money!


4. Your job scope expanded: Keep a bragging list. Include; extra work you have been doing outside of your job description, and how much money you have saved or earned for the company. Save those receipts to negotiate your salary during performance reviews.


What can you negotiate?

  • PTO
  • Rent
  • Salary
  • Schedule
  • Sign on Bonus
  • Cell phone bill
  • Credit card APR
  • And much more


REMINDER: Only because you have the money does not mean you should pay a higher price.


Negotiating salary takes longer due to conversations with managers but it is worth it. There is a higher increase. You can be walking away with $30K+ than the original offer when you negotiate! That type of money is life-changing.


Pinching pennies can only get you so far. Negotiate as much as you can.


Script to negotiate your rent:


I was researching rent in the area and I am considering a few options for my next home. I found a home for $X, # of bedrooms and (list amenities, square footage, etc.) We love your home because (list all the reasons).


Would you consider renting for $X?We truly love the home and I am willing to (1. Sign a longer lease 2. Pay a few months upfront. Offer the landlord something of value). Thank you so much in advance for considering. I look forward to hearing from you!


Script to negotiate your APR:


I have been a loyal customer for X years and I have made all my payments on time. My credit score has improved. However, my APR is very high. I am considering moving my balance to a different bank. I would like to have my APR lowered, is this something you can help me with today?


I negotiated two years of rent over email and I saved $6,000. Those $6,000 invested will be $40,000 in 20 years roughly! Thanks, compound interest!


Reminder: Go collect your money and invest that sh*t!


Last year I negotiated my work schedule to a 9/80. I work 9-hour days and get every other Friday off. This was important to me because it creates a better work-life balance.


What is important to you? What difference would a 3-day weekend do in your life? Negotiate it.


When we work together:


  • I help you negotiate your salary to earn more and achieve your goals faster
  • I help you make a plan to get out of survival mode and create a balance that works for you
  • I help you make decisions on what to do with your extra money while enjoying life now



Book a sales call here to chat on how we can work together and we can start using money as a tool to get out of survival mode!


The sales call will be an opportunity for you to share with me where you currently are and where you see yourself. I will then share with you my plan and how we can work together.


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