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Traveling While In Debt:Tips To Save And Send More To Debt



Traveling is a privilege for many, and it can be challenging when burdened with debt.


However, with planning, discipline, and committing to being financially responsible, it is possible to pay off debt while traveling.


Below, you will find tips on how to travel to save your money and send it to debt while fulfilling your wanderlust and building a debt-free future!


Here are 3 tips to save you money and travel responsibly while in debt:


1. Create a budget and assess debt:


Before you start choosing locations for your next destination, it is important you know your financial standing. Take these steps:


  • Budget – create a simple budget where you subtract all expenses from your income. Be very clear about where you would like your extra money to go. For instance, which debt, savings, etc.
  • Debt – calculate your debt load. List out all debts with how much is each credit card and loan. Include interest rates, due dates, and how much is due monthly.
  • Goal setting – Let’s get clear on how much debt you want to pay and how much you want to save and spend for travel.


2. Know your priorities:


Traveling is tempting, especially with the power of social media but paying off debt and setting yourself free should be a high priority.


  • A savings plan – create a savings goal with how much you will be sending to savings monthly.
  • Travel savings – let’s identify how much you can send to travel savings. This will help you know how much money you will have to travel. It will help you determine your travel destination.


3. Saving while traveling:


When you are on vacation you are still on a budget. It doesn’t mean restrictive but it does mean staying within the amounts you set and should be respected. Keep in mind your priorities and money goals you set.


Here are a few tips to avoid coming back to more debt:


  • Set a travel budget – How much money will you spend daily on food, activities, transportation, etc.
  • Flexibility with hotel accommodations – explore all of your options from chain hotels to boutique hotels. An apartment instead of an entire home rental on AirBnB or maybe even just a room in a shared home
  • Be realistic on time – while you pay down debt maybe you can consider a shorter vacation to spend less.
  • Travel by car – consider traveling by car versus airplane. You can finally cross off your list a town in the same state that has been on your bucket list.
  • Travel offseason – prices are much lower during the low season. You can bring extra jackets to keep you warm and save you money.
  • Extend your 9-5 work travel – This can save you a plane ticket and send that money to debt instead.
  • Extend stay – if you have a work trip to a city you have never been to, it might be worth exploring if you can extend your stay for leisure and take some PTO.
  • Manifest location – set clear goals of what cities you want to travel to. Next time you know of a work conference or work trip, you can sign up and travel at no cost to you.
  • Explore after hours – explore the city and save on travel by exploring after hours. This is the most cost-efficient way to travel and send more money into debt.


Traveling while in debt is possible and can help balance discipline and financial responsibility. Your travel can be on a smaller scale until you have paid off more debt and your trips can be longer and more expensive.


With a plan and smart financial choices, you can satisfy your wanderlust without compromising your future financial well-being.


When we work together:


  • I help you budget and set money priorities
  • I help you create a debt, savings, and travel plan
  • I help you plan your next travel destination without breaking the bank


If this resonates with you, I want to invite you to work with me and book your sales call to start prioritizing debt and plan a vacation that is paid before you leave. Book a sales call.


I cannot wait to be part of your journey!


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