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This Is Why You Are Still Stressed About Money


This is why you are still stressed about money. You keep trying many methods to save and pay off debt, and they are not working.


You are now questioning, what is wrong with you?


Well, you are believing your parents’ money story is yours.


When you don’t know any different, you start to internalize, “Well, this is what I have seen growing up,” and you accept it as your reality.




Your parents’ money mismanagement has nothing to do with you.


Your parents’ money habits are not a reflection of you.


Your parents’ income status is not your present or future.


Your parents’ living situation is not your reality.


Your parents’ retirement fund is not your truth.


You are your own person with ambitions and dreams.


You get to write your own money story.


You are capable of building a life you have never seen your family experience.


And this starts with believing you are already good with money!


Five ways to get better with money:


  1. Start budgeting – No matter how much you make, you should know where your money is going.
  2. Plan for your future – You are not just living for today! You must start planning for your future.
  3. Save for rainy days – Rainy days happen to all of us! But a rainy day is different for someone who has savings and the one who does not. Stay ready.
  4. Negotiate your income – No one will give you the salary you deserve! You must advocate for yourself.
  5. Create a vision board on Pinterest – Put a name on it! “Million dollar (insert name)”. And I want you to let yourself dream BIG!


I want you to know that the past does not define you. This is your sign to start writing your own money story!


If you need help tearing away every limiting belief you have about money and what your present and future can look like, I can help you.


When we work together:


  • I help you track your money to cover your lifestyle now and prepare for your future.
  • I help you understand how investing is a passive way to make your money grow.
  • I help you feel excited about money plans and become a visionary without limits.


I invite you to work me! Book a sales call here. I cannot wait to meet you!


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