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How To Pay Off Debt By Allowing Yourself To Play

Paying off debt is often associated with strict budgets and sacrifices.   but what if I told you there’s a way to manage your debt while allowing yourself to have fun?   What is currently happening is that your life revolves around your debt, making you anxious and stressed daily. If you go out and […]

Steps To Change Your Relationship With Money

  If you are a woman of color and grew up low income and you are reading this, I am excited you are here! You have probably tried to pay off debt and save, and nothing is working.   I want to address what is happening that goes beyond budgets and bank statements.   You […]

This Is Why You Are Still Stressed About Money

This is why you are still stressed about money. You keep trying many methods to save and pay off debt, and they are not working.   You are now questioning, what is wrong with you?   Well, you are believing your parents’ money story is yours.   When you don’t know any different, you start […]