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How To Set Money Goals And Achieve Them By Resting More

If you are the eldest daughter or daughter of immigrant parents, then you know resting is not part of our vocabulary. We have normalized that we have to work harder and hustle, but what if I told you I want you to rest more so you can achieve your money goals this year?   That […]

10 Signs You Are Excelling With Your Budgeting Skills

Budgeting is the foundation for financial stability and success. Budgeting is your compass to where you want to go. And yet, it is the tool that gets underestimated the most.   Knowing if you are making strides with your budget can be challenging in the middle of expenses and financial goals. The great news is […]

How To Build 3 Months Of Savings

Did you know that 56% of Americans cannot cover a $1,000 emergency expense with savings?   If you have $1,000 saved you are already ahead of everyone else. If you do not have at minimum $1,000 saved then you are in the right place!   I want you to see savings as you take care […]