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How To Spend Guilt-Free And Have The Best Summer


Summer is when we come alive again after hibernating! It is the season of relaxation, adventuring, and making new memories! The worry starts when you think about spending and the goals you are setting. The expenses for vacations, spontaneous outings, and activities can quickly increase.


Let’s stay in the season of relaxation era—the era of making memories and adventuring.


The last thing you want is more stress! Planning is key to having the best summer yet, guilt-free!


Here are six tips to spend guilt-free this summer:


1. Set a summer budget


Creating a budget is the first step to spending guilt-free. It is very important to know where your money is going and to give your extra cash direction.


For this summer, list all the activities you would like to do, including travel, miscellaneous expenses, dining out, and entertainment. It will be helpful to include things that are inexpensive to more expensive. This way, you can ensure you can afford to do something often without overspending. Give yourself options.


Now that you know how much activities cost, it is time to add them to the budget. Your budget will tell you what you can afford and what you cannot. If you cannot afford an activity and pay out of pocket, push it to a later date and save up for it. Again, planning is key.


By following your nonrestrictive budget, you can have all the fun without the hangover of overspending.


2. Plan your activities in advance


Being spontaneous is fun, but it can lead to unplanned expenses and stress. Plan your activities in advance and add them to your budget. Research the free summer activities in your city and take advantage of them. Planning will allow you to find discounts and maximize your budget.


If you are very spontaneous or your group of friends are, add a line for spontaneity to your budget. This way, you do not have to say no to a last-minute hangout with friends and spend guilt-free. Stay ready to avoid the overspending hangover.


3. Prioritize aligned spending


Spend in alignment! What is the most important thing to you? Who do you want to spend money with? Whether that is a family vacation, concert, dining at your favorite restaurant, or seeing your favorite person in concert, prioritize these expenses.


Stop spending on the things you don’t care about, and you will have money to spend on the things that make you happy.


4. Save in advance


Start saving early for your summer expenses. Set aside a portion of your monthly check for all the fun you want to have. The sooner you start, the more time you have to save. This way, you will enjoy a dedicated summer fund instead of using money from your emergency fund or going into debt.


There is no better feeling than spending guilt-free and knowing you are not accumulating debt that will take years to pay off.


5. Make a list of fun outings


Create a list of all the activities you would like to enjoy this summer. Then, divide them by how much they cost. For example, there is a section for $10-$40, $41-$100, and over $150. You want to do this because you are helping your future self who wants to go out and spend in the $150 plus category each time. Recognizing that you can’t always choose something expensive is important.


This will serve as a reminder that there are a lot of activities you enjoy for around $40.


Do the work for yourself in advance, and you’ll see how easy it is to spend money guilt-free this summer!


6. Stay mindful and enjoy


Remember to stay mindful of your spending and enjoy the experiences. Summer is about creating memories, not stressing over money. It takes the joy out of recent experiences. Enjoy the little things that we often take for granted.


Plan and make it the best summer yet filled with laughter, love, and new memories.


Allow yourself to have fun guilt-free! Plan for all the spontaneous adventures you will have. The more prepared you are, the more consistent you can be with the rest of your money goals.


Most importantly, have fun and capture the memories.


When we work together:

  • I help you create a budget that works for you and allows you to have fun
  • I help you set goals and add them to your budget to ensure you are meeting your money goals
  • I help you spend guilt-free while you prepare for your future


If this resonates with you, I invite you to work with me! I want to help you have more fun while reaching your money goals. Book a sales call.


I cannot wait to be part of your journey!

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