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Six steps to financially get ready for the week on a Sunday



Sundays are the perfect days to set yourself up for a financially successful week. Block time on a Sunday to reset yourself, stay organized, plan, and strategize because this is how you gain control of your money.


In the same way, you organize the meals for the week or work calendar, it is the same way for your money.


Here are six steps to financially get ready for the week:


1. Review your budget and expenses:

Use Sunday as a day to do budget planning. Look at your previous week and compare it to the next. Take into account how the upcoming week might be different. Identify categories where you overspent and where you can make adjustments.


Financial planning helps you build the habit of checking in with your money and gain control.


2. Plan your meals and groceries:

Meal planning is not just about eating healthy but also about saving money. Use Sunday to plan your meals for the upcoming week and create a grocery list to go with it. Knowing what you eat daily can avoid impulsive and expensive food purchases during the week.


Even many small purchases add up at the end of the week.


Your weekly meal prep can include anything that you like to go out and eat. I used to make the mistake of thinking every meal had to be healthy, which was not sustainable. Use this as a reminder to add your craving food to your meal prep.


3. Plan your fun for the week:

Fun planning for the week might be the easiest and most important. In the same way, we plan meals, our work weeks, and birthday planning, let’s also plan your weekly entertainment.


Planning the entertainment for the week helps you save money, but most importantly, you start to put yourself first.


Why does working our 9-5 jobs come as a priority rather than our joy? Yes, we need money to just “be”. Also, I want you to start thinking about how unfair that is, and I want you to start putting your foot down and choosing yourself! Ask yourself, what do I want to do for me this week?


Create two lists: Activities that cost money and activities that do not.
This exercise will prevent you from impulse spending.


4. Automate bill payments and savings:

Set automatic payments for your bills and transfers to savings and investment accounts. Sunday is an excellent day to ensure that all your recurring bills, such as utilities, subscriptions, and loan payments, are scheduled for the week. Allocate a portion of your money to send to a high-yield savings account and investment accounts.


Be very intentional with your money to maintain your current life while setting yourself up financially secure in the next few years.


5. Check your financial goals:

Review your financial goals and assess your progress. Are you on track? Do you need to make adjustments? Use Sundays to reflect on your short-term goals that slowly add to your long-term goals.


Financial goal setting is the way to create a roadmap to building the life you have never seen your family experience.


6. Review Accounts:

Check-in with your accounts and standing to ensure everything is under control. Check your checking account to see if you have a buffer and are not overdrawn. Set a goal that if you use a credit card, you pay it in full by the end of the week. This is a friendly reminder to use your credit if you have the money in your checking account. Long gone are the days you use a credit card to make ends meet. The goal of credit cards for you should be to earn miles or points.


Implementing a Sunday routine focused on weekly money management sets a positive tone for the upcoming week. Make it fun, of course! Plan a spa day at home, with wine and cheese, or drive to your favorite trail. A money routine can be part of your self-care days. Make the most of your Sundays to pave the way for a financially stable and stress-free week.


This is a friendly reminder that consistent effort in managing your money pays off in the long run. Let alone you build the financial habits to experience more joy and less stress.


Happy money planning!


When we work together:


  • I help you practice money habits to help you reach your long-term goals
  • I help you think about your financial health as a whole, from income, accounts, and practices
  • I help you reach your money goals by prioritizing fun and experience less stress


If this resonates with you, I invite you to work with me! I want to help you take massive action through fun and making it less intimidating. I want you to build the financial habits that lead you to success one step at a time. Book a sales call.


I cannot wait to be part of your journey!



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