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I Am About To Give You A Reason To Be Thankful For Your Debt


I am about to give you a reason to be thankful for your debt. Believe it or not your debt served a purpose. It is easy to feel ashamed about your debt and you start thinking you are bad with money and could have done better!


Let’s pause here. I want you to give yourself grace.


I want you to understand that you did what was best for you in that period of your life.


Let’s reflect.


Answer these questions:

  • What were you going through when you accumulated your debt?
  • How did getting in debt help you?
  • What did you learn about yourself?
  • Would you do it again?


You were in a car accident. You went through a divorce. You experienced violence or abuse. You were depressed.


You were in survival mode. You were trying to cope. You were trying your best.


These traumatic events were not in your control. You decided to start unlearning and removing yourself from situations that no longer served you. You used debt to get yourself out of those situations.


The debt served a purpose and it helped you go from survival mode to creating the space to build a life on your terms.


Now, you are in a place where you can think clearly about next steps.


Payback the debt that helped you and get to a point where you can think about making more money and learn to manage it. You could not have done that before if you were in survival mode.


This is the reason to be thankful for your debt!


How did MY debt serve a purpose?


I grew up in a toxic household. At the age of seventeen, I went away for College and quickly realized how different life was outside of my home. My dad and I started growing apart because our views were different and I questioned his machista behavior.


A semester before College graduation, he made it clear that he was not attending my graduation. It was difficult to hear when I had placed my value on his hands to praise my accomplishments. I ended up not completing my thesis and not receiving my college degree in 2013.


I remember paying around $1,425 summer of 2013 to complete my thesis to just end up dropping the class. I did it for about 3 more semesters until I finally decided to pause because I was accruing debt.


I now realize that I was in a dark place because I was isolated from the family and my dad refused to talk to me.


I finally re enrolled Fall of 2020 after completing seven months of therapy and was ecstatic to have completed my BA in International Relations that fall!


Truth was I was hurting and I bought materialistic things to make me temporarily happy. I kept on re enrolling and dropping my class knowing I did not have the mental capacity to learn. My heart was heavy.


I am thankful for my debt for allowing me to leave a toxic household. Thankful for allowing me to rediscover myself and create a safe household. Thankful for keeping me fed, housed and clothed. Thankful for allowing me to start my healing journey.


What purpose did YOUR debt serve?


If you are ready to stop feeling guilty and weighed down by your debt, we will create a money plan to give your money direction to pay off debt, save for rainy days and grow your money passively. If you want to accelerate your progress, we can look into how to increase your income and reach your financial goals faster. Book a sales call, HERE.


You are not bad with money, you know exactly what to do once you make peace with your debt and release shame. I will help you feel empowered by your debt.


Your debt served a purpose!


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