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Preparing For Your Dream Vacation In Nine Months


Travel is on everyone’s bucket list. I am glad it is! You get to immerse yourself in different cultures and reconnect with your roots. Traveling changes your perspective of the world and how you live your life.


You have two options when traveling: you can either decide at the last minute and spend more than you have, or you can plan ahead and pay for everything before your flight.


Whether it is a tropical vacation or a city adventure, planning your dream vacation takes more than choosing a destination. With a little financial planning and being strategic, you can plan and pay for your dream vacation before your flight takes off.


Let’s go over actionable steps to help you prepare financially for the trip you have always dreamt of:


Set a realistic budget for the trip


The first thing to know is how much disposable cash you take after you pay all your bills.


Then, let’s set a realistic budget for your trip, considering all potential expenses, including flights, accommodation, meals, activities, and souvenirs. This is the time to research destinations you would like to go to and understand pricing. Add the total cost and break it down into manageable monthly goals.


For example, if your total cost was $2,520 for the trip, you must save $280 monthly for nine months.


Or if your total cost was $3,240 for the trip, you must save $360 monthly for nine months.


Create a travel sinking fund


What is a sinking fund? A sinking fund is another way of saying savings for a specific goal.


The easiest way to save for your trip is to have a separate savings account where it is not easily accessible to you. This savings account can be a high-yield savings account that can earn you interest money while you are saving for this trip.


A sinking fund helps you stay focused on the exact goal you are working towards.


Trim unnecessary expenses


Review your current expenses to see if you can decrease unnecessary spending while you try to reach your goal.


This might include dining out less, canceling unused subscriptions, or finding out what the competitor offers to make the switch and save. Then, send the extra cash to your travel sinking fund.


Increase your income


Boost your travel fund and reach it faster by increasing your income. Consider taking a part-time job, freelancing, Uber, Babysitting, or monetizing a hobby or skill. Any additional income can accelerate your savings goal for your dream vacation.


Once you reach your goal, you can decide whether to continue your side hustle to pay down debt or reach other money goals.


Take advantage of cashback and rewards programs


Credit cards are not bad, but you need to know how they work and be disciplined to spend only what you have. With that being said, credit cards offer cash back, travel rewards, or sign-on bonuses that you can take advantage of when you plan your vacation.


Use these cards for your regular expenses and pay them in full at the end of each week to avoid accruing interest. The points you accumulate or the sign-on bonus can go toward your travel expenses, decreasing the amount of money you have to pay from your own pocket. This is what we call travel hacking.


Research travel deals and discounts


Start monitoring travel deals and discounts in advance. Keep an eye on promotions from airlines, hotels, and travel packages. Oftentimes, around the holidays, you will find really good specials. You can save on flights and accommodation if you travel during the low season in that country, which means it will probably have lower temperatures versus the high season.


Make your list of dream destinations because you can choose an inexpensive one as you build your money foundation outside this trip.


You can take your next nine-month vacation with careful planning and discipline. This is your reminder that you can travel responsibly and know where your money is going outside this travel fund to remove the guilt you may experience while saving. You can do both: pay a lot of debt and save monthly to take your dream vacation.


As a matter of fact, you can use this dream vacation to celebrate how much you have increased your emergency fund or how much debt you have paid. The more fun you have, the more your money journey becomes sustainable. Be ready to pay the most debt you’ve ever paid and take this dream vacation.


I believe in YOU! Do not hesitate to keep me updated on how it is going! Feel free to comment below or e-mail me.


When we work together:


  • I help you create a budget that allows for your travel plans
  • I help you use credit card points to pay for part of your travel
  • I help you plan for travel while achieving your current money goals


If this resonates with you, I invite you to work with me! I want to help you explore the world’s beauty while you maximize your credit cards to earn points versus your hard-earned money. I want to help you feel less stressed after your travel and instead embrace the relaxation you feel after a debt-free trip. Book a sales call.


I cannot wait to be part of your journey!


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