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How To Set Money Goals And Achieve Them By Resting More


If you are the eldest daughter or daughter of immigrant parents, then you know resting is not part of our vocabulary. We have normalized that we have to work harder and hustle, but what if I told you I want you to rest more so you can achieve your money goals this year?


That is right, let’s do things differently and see how your life changes:


Understand the power of having money goals


Having money goals is important for you to take yourself from point A to point B. It is very easy to go through every day and spend the money you earn on a quick purchase that took you so long to make.


Not having money goals makes you wonder, “Where did all my money go?”. Writing and documenting your goal is important. Commit to a very small goal, like looking at your bank account and sitting in discomfort, to help you start writing down the goals that you want to accomplish.


Start small and gradually increase the goals as you start trusting yourself.


Breaking down goals into actionable small steps


Now that you have your big-money goals break them into small, actionable steps.


For instance, if you aim to save $5,000 in five months, then you need to save $1,000 a month for five months to reach your goal. In this way, you will not get overwhelmed and have a recipe you can follow, allowing you to rest more. Be intentional with your resting time, place it on the calendar, and know what activities you will do that fill up your cup.


Resting is not always napping or watching TV, but you can also go to a museum, have a picnic, or take a hike, and if any of these activities require money, add it to the budget. Always plan for every expense.


The motto is to think less about your numbers and goals and rest more so you are fulfilled.


The role of rest in financial success


Rest is often overlooked when discussing money goals, but it is crucial. Quality of sleep and moments of relaxation help you with better decision-making and overall well-being. Long gone are the days we hustle with no days off, and when we finally have a break, we fill it up with more activities that drain us, and we cannot recover.


Adding restful habits into your routine is very important to enhance your financial success and boost mental clarity.


The better you feel, the better your choices with your money will be.


Budgeting and Mindful Spending


A budget is a must for your success in reaching your money goals. The budget is your road map on how you will get there by the time you want to. Ensure that your budget aligns with your values and on things that bring you joy.


The best time to look at your budget and make decisions is when you feel rested.


When you are rested, you can make decisions aligned with you to avoid burnout.


Intentionally resting and having more fun


Reward yourself for reaching your milestones! This doesn’t always involve spending money; it could be taking a day off to relax, enjoy a hobby, or picnic at the park. It can involve low spending, like going to the movies, food carts, or BBQ with friends.


The idea is that you are intentional with resting because work and thinking about paying off debt 24/7 is overwhelming and can lead us to quit. Reaching our money goals takes time, and I want you to enjoy your now because you are not getting this time back!


So, incorporate rest and fun into your money journey because it will motivate you by doing it in a sustainable way.


Build your emergency fund


Life will always give you lemons, and see if you can make lemonade!


Emergencies are out of our control and do add to stress and anxiety. Building an emergency fund is a safety net to give you peace of mind and avoid getting into debt.


The more prepared you are, the more you can focus on staying calm and rested versus allowing an inconvenience to cloud your day.


Increase your income versus working more


You can place yourself in a position where you increase your salary instead of working more hrs and burning yourself out.


Start by negotiating your current salary, getting promoted to a different role, or moving jobs with a higher salary.


We hear all the time of people having two jobs or starting a side hustle, which requires more of your time. But if you are in a place where you feel burnt out and are in survival mode, then you may only need one job with a higher salary.


This way, you can be more present, rest more, and add joy to your life.


When we work together:


  • I help you create a budget that includes your money goals to help you reach them faster
  • I help you focus on fun and resting while you work towards your money goals
  • I help you feel less stressed, live outside the spreadsheet, and focus on being present


If this resonates with you, I invite you to work with me! I want to help you reach your money goals faster by prioritizing fun and feeling less stressed daily. Book a sales call.


I cannot wait to be part of your journey!


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