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How To Reach $100K Salary As An Executive Assistant


An Executive Assistant can be well compensated, and the role is not complicated.


You do not need another degree to reach six figures. Many people work with higher titles and lower compensation, but Executive Assistants can land a life-changing salary.


I want you to walk away knowing you can get paid for the skills you already have and get ahead with your money goals. I want you to know where to start searching for Executive Assistant roles and get hired as soon as possible.


What do Executive Assistants do?


Executive Assistants support the executive’s success, which builds on the company’s success. You are the right hand and the go-to for everyone in the company. Executive Assistants are strategic thought partners; at the end of the day, you help the Executive save time and make money.


Depending on the size and needs, the support can be provided to a team, a C-suite executive, or a company.


Responsibilities vary depending on the needs but usually include scheduling, arranging travel, maintaining records, note-taking, expense reports, managing the Board of Directors, projects, presentation prep, event coordination, and more. If you were to work for a coach, their needs might include social media support.


Responsibilities vary by industry, so ensure their requirements align with yours.


What skills do Executive Assistants need?


The skills that every Executive Assistant needs to be successful in the role are:


  • Critical thinking
  • Excellent written and
  • communication skills
  • Time management
  • Tech-savvy
  • Ability to pay attention to detail
  • Organization
  • Multitasking skills
  • Proactive at problem-solving and identifying gaps


All of these skills are needed for the majority of jobs. If you have been working in corporate America, you likely have the majority or all of these skills.


This brings me back to reaching a six-figure salary, which is closer than you think.


Executive Assistants Job Market and Salaries

It is important to do salary market research and familiarize yourself with the cost of an Executive Assistant position in your area. In your research, also consider the different industries and apply to industries you are aligned with.


For example, non-profits are all different. If you are interested in working at one, then explore different non-profits until you find a salary that you are okay accepting and can get you ahead in your financial goals.


However, medical and tech industries tend to pay a higher salary. Culture and the ability to work remotely can look very different in those industries. Ensure you are choosing a role that aligns with the life you want to live to have a work-life balance.


How to land an Executive Assistant job


While you start your own job search and apply for the jobs you come across, it is helpful to get help from job agencies. Job agencies ask you what role you are interested in and your salary expectations. Please note that each job agency is different, so contact various agencies and see which ones align with you and your salary expectations because they all vary.


A job agency can also negotiate on your behalf. Job agencies offer temporary positions, from temporary to full-time, and contracts. With your efforts and help from job agencies, you can find your dream role with a life-changing salary.


If you want to earn extra income as a side hustle, you can promote your services on Fiverr, Task Rabbit, or social media and essentially start a business. You can use administrative skills to increase your income in so many ways.


How to negotiate your salary in the current role as an Executive Assistant


If you’re already in an Executive Assistant role and want to negotiate your salary, you definitely can!


You can start by researching wages in your area and the same industry to help you increase your salary to market rate. Another way to build your case is to keep a document and track how many hours a week you save the CEO because that allows the CEO to focus on money-making activities. Keep track of how much you save the organization or company by negotiating contracts or extra projects you are taking on.


Besides getting a salary raise, you can negotiate a performance bonus, additional vacation time, or your schedule. You can negotiate a 4/10 or a 9/80 schedule.


A 4/10 schedule allows you to work ten-hour days and have four working days a week. A 9/80 schedule allows you to work nine-hour days and have every other Friday off.


Here is how I did it:

After I graduated in 2013 with a bachelor’s in International Relations, I did not know how to start my job search. What I did know, though, was that I needed a job to start paying off my credit card debt.


I found a part-time executive assistant position in a nonprofit organization in San Francisco at $20 an hour. I quickly learned I could not pay my bills with a part-time job and had to look for a second part-time job. I spent my one-hour lunch going from one job to another and had to eat quickly on the bus before arriving. I asked my first part-time job if I could increase my hours to full-time, but they could only offer 30 hours, and I didn’t want to let go of the bonus of the second part-time job, so I had to quit. And then, a week later, I had to quit the second job because the bonus was removed without prior communication.


My main focus was to find a full-time job and raise my income significantly. I started looking for jobs independently and had job agencies help me search. And it was through a job agency that my salary increased by nearly $35K. I did not hesitate to say yes and move forward with the role because the salary increase was life-changing.


It was more money than my parents had ever made in a year combined.


The salary increase helped pay for my destination wedding in Costa Rica and a honeymoon in Japan and Bali.


When I returned from my honeymoon, I realized that I was still $30K in debt. I told myself that if I was able to pay for my wedding out-of-pocket, I could also pay off my consumer debt. I used the methods I used for my wedding to pay off my debt and was debt-free in a year and a half.


Reaching your money goals is much faster when you can increase your salary. This is your reminder that you don’t need an extra degree to reach $100K. Being an executive assistant allows you to have a work-life balance.


It allowed me to build my business and create new opportunities for myself independently from my employer. I was laid off in 2023, and it was not a question I would take my business full-time.


When we work together:


  • I help you raise and negotiate your salary
  • I help you give your money direction to meet your money goals
  • I help you find a balance between your work and enjoying the present while you experience less stress


If this resonates with you, I invite you to work with me! I want to help you reach your money goals faster and experience less stress daily. Book a sales call.


I cannot wait to be part of your journey!


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