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How To Plan To Pay Off Debt That Works For YOU


It is not sustainable to go from zero to one hundred in restriction.


Take small steps forward that can help you in your debt pay off journey without taking away the joy out of life.


Here are a few tips to see what works for you:


1.Choose a debt pay off method:


Snowball or avalanche


The snowball method – List your debt from lowest debt to highest. You concentrate on paying off your lowest debt while paying minimums to the rest of your debt.


Once you are done paying that off, move on to the second lowest debt. The more debt you start canceling, the more money you have left over each month to send to the next debt.


The avalanche method – List your debt from highest interest to lowest interest. You concentrate on paying off the debt with the highest interest rate while paying minimums to the rest. Once you are done move on to the second highest interest debt.


Any extra cash you want to send to debt, send depending on which method you chose.


If you are super duper disciplined, choose the avalanche method because mathematically it will save you money. If you need to see small wins to keep you motivated and on track, the snowball method is for you.


2.Take breaks:


If you need to send less money to debt or pause for a month and then resume that’s totally fine! The idea here is that you don’t give up. There is no rush to the finish line as long as you get there.


Find a balance that works for you.


There is no doubt that paying off debt can take the joy out of your day and it is hard. But remember, having debt is also hard and takes an emotional toll.


Choose your HARD.


3.Add rewards along the way:


What can you buy or experience that will help you keep your eye on the price? Spending money to motivate you to keep going will not erase the progress that you made.


There is no right way to pay off debt, there is only the way that works for you!


A fun dinner outing of $75 does not compare to how much you are sending towards debt. I highly encourage rewards!


4.Add visuals:


We love to see progress and can keep you motivated! Draw a pyramid and color in how much debt you have paid off or list your debt and cross it out when paid off.


You might focus on the debt that you still have to pay.


A visual can be a reminder that you have made progress.


Let this be evidence that what you are doing is working.


5.Find an accountability partner:


Staying motivated with an accountability partner is easier!


They don’t need to have money goals, it can be any goal but have someone who will be checking in. Book check-in dates and go over progress during a cheese and wine night.


Do not let this debt pay off journey be boring!


Debt pay off journey can feel very lonely because no one is talking about debt. If more people were willing to share their numbers you will realize that the majority of Americans hold debt.


Here is what worked for me:


I love crossing checklists off, celebrating small wins and seeing progress. I paid 30K of consumer debt with the snowball method.


I was not afraid to take breaks. If one month I wanted to be a little irresponsible, I allowed myself to do so. Once the new month came around, I was back to it!


I did make up a rule though:

If I am giving myself a break, I will NOT feel guilty about it!


Otherwise, that is not a break if the next month I am beating myself up about the progress I could have made.


I rewarded myself! I would plan outings with friends having a budget in mind.


I am a visual person and had my debt in a list that I would happily cross off every time I paid it off. I started making posts on my instagram and sharing it with all of you and that kept me accountable.


People are excited to root you on! Share your goals in a circle that you are comfortable in.


Remember, there is no rush with paying debt as long as you have a plan and keep going. Take breaks as necessary and always come back to set yourself free!


When we work together:

  • I help you get comfortable managing your budget and seeing your numbers often
  • I help you set up a strategy to pay off debt that works for you
  • I help you make a plan to achieve your money goals while building a portfolio


Book a sales call here to chat on how we can work together and we can start removing the worry, stress and questions around your money!


The sales call will be an opportunity for you to share with me where you currently are and where you see yourself. I will then share with you my plan and how we can work together.


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