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How To Pay Off Debt By Allowing Yourself To Play


Paying off debt is often associated with strict budgets and sacrifices.


but what if I told you there’s a way to manage your debt while allowing yourself to have fun?


What is currently happening is that your life revolves around your debt, making you anxious and stressed daily. If you go out and spend, you feel guilty because you constantly think that money should have gone to pay off debt.


You are picking up extra shifts or side hustles in your free time to send to debt and pay it off faster, and then a weekend comes, and you use that credit card you sent extra payments to, and the debt is now up again.


It took you so long to make that extra cash, but it took so little time to increase that credit card balance again.


I want to help you with this: pay off debt faster while allowing yourself to play because this approach is sustainable.


You can do both have fun and pay off debt.


Let’s address your debt first: Choose a debt repayment method that works for YOU.


Avalanche method: Organize your debt from a high to a low interest rate. Send extra payments to the highest-interest debt to pay it off first and make minimum monthly payments to the rest of the debt. When you are done, tackle the highest interest rate until all debt is paid off.


The avalanche method makes sense mathematically. If you are disciplined, consistent, and okay not seeing results fast, choose this method.


Snowball method: Organize your debt from the lowest balance to the highest balance owed. Send extra payments to the lowest balance to pay it off first and make minimum monthly payments to the rest of the debt. When you are done, tackle the next lowest balance owed until all debt is paid off.


The snowball method helps you if you need to see that you are making progress, crossing debts first to stay motivated and build momentum. It is okay to choose this option because money is emotional, and you may need evidence that you can pay off the debt.


Now that you have chosen a method to pay off debt, you have a plan of action you can take every month without constantly thinking about it.


Here is the truth: Paying debt off will take time, depending on how much money you owe. I want you to think about something other than your debt.


If you have more disposable cash, do consider sending more to debt.


Let’s address making paying off debt sustainable: Playing your way out of debt.


  1. Plan for fun – Allocate an amount weekly to spend on fun. Whether that is hanging out with friends, taking yourself to brunch, or buying an item you have been wanting.
  2. Play more – Ask yourself what you were denied as a kid and always wanted. Give yourself just that! You build on the belief that growing up low-income does not have to be your truth now.
  3. Aware of your feelings – Create a list of fun things to do. One list can be of free activities or under $25. The second list can be of activities $25 and above. When you are experiencing sadness or stress, you look for dopamine to make you feel better.


If shopping for unnecessary things is all you have ever known to bring you happiness, this is what you will always resort to.


I want you to have these lists ready when you need to feel better.



When we work together:

  • I help you create a budget to understand your numbers
  • I help you choose a debt payment plan that works for you
  • I help you have more fun while meeting your financial goals without guilt


If this resonates with you, I invite you to work with me! I want to help you release the stress you feel from your debt and stop feeling guilty when you spend in alignment. Book a sales call.


I cannot wait to be part of your journey!


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