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How To Make Money With A High Yield Savings Account


Saving money under the mattress is not serving you anymore.


A high yield savings account is preparing you to invest and grow your money passively.


It pays you a high interest rate to have your money sitting at their bank. All you have to do is deposit money, that simple!

Banks like Wellsfargo, Chase, Bank of America, etc, are brick and mortar banks offering traditional savings accounts who pay you the lowest of interest rates at 0.01% to keep your savings with them. The difference with banking with them is you are able to go to their banks in person and speak directly with them when needed.


High Yield Savings Accounts are simple.

  1. You deposit money.
  2. Learn how to use their platform.
  3. Know their customer service phone number, should you have questions.
  4. Allow two business days when withdrawing money from savings.


It is that simple.


If you are getting ready to invest, this is the first step. Build your emergency fund in a high yield savings account. You are building the muscle to transfer money and letting the market work for YOU. As of today, you can be getting 4.25% back on your savings. The magical thing about high yield accounts is that if the market lowers, you do not lose money at all. And you do not have to wait until you are a certain age to withdraw your money.


What are some popular High Yield Savings Accounts and their rates?:


Remember, these interest rates fluctuate depending on the market. When I opened my savings account with Ally, I was earning .50% on my savings and I considered that a win when I compared to Wells Fargo at 0.01%. I am now earning 4.25% on my emergency fund with Ally. Do not worry about the market because you will not be losing any money.


This is your friendly reminder to not leave money on the table. Make your savings work for you!


So, why do many people in our community not take advantage of this savings account?

  • They think they need a lot of money to start – This is false, many of these bank accounts do not have a minimum.
  • Fear of losing their hard earned money – These bank accounts are fully insured under FDIC and NCUA. Your money is secured and you have access to it when needed.
  • Communication barrier – Ask the bank to speak to someone in your language. If they do not offer this service, I agree, that is not the bank for you. For instance, Ally has recently added Spanish translators to their service and they are available upon request.


Trust is important in our community so I encourage you to build trust and ask questions to allow your money to work for you.

If this resonated with you and you know you are ready to elevate your money, I invite you to work with me! You will understand the different investing accounts and in which order to invest, based on your goals. You will build trust to allow your money to grow for you.

I want you to see these accounts as a tool to help you build security and build generational wealth.


I want you to enjoy your current life while building the life you want to have five, ten years from now.


The sales call will be an opportunity for you to share with me where you currently are and where you see yourself. I will then share with you my plan and how we can work together. Book your sales call, here.


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