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How To Get Your Partner Onboard To Save And Pay Off Debt


You are crushing your money goals! Now you are wondering how you can get your partner onboard.


There is no right way to manage your money with your partner so do what works for you! Whether you both keep finances separate or merge them, there needs to be an agreement and transparency.


The tip is to lead with kindness because this will require next level communication and both must agree to embark on this journey.


5 Steps to get you started:

1. Talk about money trauma: You can start with these questions:

  • What is your earliest money memory?
  • How did your parents manage money?
  • Did your parents talk to you about money?
  • What were you going through when you started to collect debt?


Understanding how you were raised helps bring awareness to how past experiences are showing up now. Be flexible and create safe space for both when emotions rise. You can’t plan or dream bigger when you need a break.


2. Set money dates: Choose your favorite type of date night and start the money conversation. You will both be looking forward to each other’s company and it will be in a welcoming environment without surprises.


3. What is your WHY?: Share what is important for you both individually and shared goals. Paint the picture of what five years and ten years can look like if you knew where every dollar was going. Make it FUN! There will be times when you will have difficulty staying focused on the money plan but this will remind you that there is a fun life you are building.


4. Create a budget: Decide if you will combine incomes or keep them separately. Add your vision of FUN! Remember the idea is not to be restrictive but instead plan for joy. It is important to be honest and know each other’s numbers.


5. Set milestones: Be very clear on goals! We love to see progress and this will be very rewarding to track and keep you motivated!

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Here is how that looked for husband and I:


In the beginning of our relationship we concentrated on finishing up school. Then our focus shifted to getting better jobs and increasing our salaries. We were transparent about our bank accounts, debt and salary.


Fourth year, I began to be fed up with debt and my money leaving faster than I was making it. I did not know exactly what I was doing so getting my husband onboard was very difficult. Truth was, he was dealing with a lot of limiting beliefs and shame.


Fifth year, he proposed and it was then when we decided we had to increase our salaries again and save to pay for our dream wedding in Costa Rica. It took us one year to find jobs that increased our salaries by $30K each.


Sixth year, we saved $40K in 9 months. We paid for our wedding and booked our dream honeymoon to Japan and Bali.


Seventh year, we got married and came back to use the same plan to pay off debt together. He paid off about $12K of debt and I paid off $30K of debt in a year and a half.


Eighth year, we saved a $25K downpayment for a home and knew we wanted to leave California.


Ninth year, we went to WA state and placed a downpayment in our dream home and a location that would give us many core memories with our doggies. It is also the state where my husband raised his income by $40K and I am focusing on my business and content creation to diversify my income.


We realized that every time we had a shared goal we were both excited for, we went all in!


The same strategies we are using for our shared goals, we use individually. This has worked for us and we are sticking with it!


If this resonated with you, I want to invite you to work with me! Book a sales call, HERE.


I help you start money conversations with your partner, navigate finances as a couple and how to work together to build a life you never saw your families experience.


I cannot wait to be part of your journey!


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