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How To Earn More To Get Out Of Debt Without A Side Hustle


You are in a lot of debt and you keep hearing to start a side hustle to get out of debt. You may not desire to start anything on the side and that is okay, I am here to tell you, that you do not have to!


I understand that when you are in debt and deeply feeling overwhelmed and stressed there is no extra energy to start a side hustle. Let me tell you that it is not the only way!


You can have a work-life balance with a 9-5 and a way to collect your bag!


Here are two tips on how you can earn more and get out of debt without a side hustle:


#1 Negotiate your salary:


You can negotiate when you are getting hired and once you are already hired for the role.
Negotiating your income is a great way to access more money to get ahead with your financial goals.


Tip: Keep a brag list on how you saved the company money or time. I learned this from a negotiation Coach to quantify your work because it is easier to show the value of your work.


If you need breaks, how about negotiating your schedule?


Imagine negotiating 3-day weekends every weekend or every other weekend. You can work a 4/10 schedule where you work 10-hour shifts for four days. The next option is working a 9/80 schedule where you work 9-hour shifts and have every other Friday off.


Time off is often more valuable than more money. Rest is important!


Other things to negotiate:

  • PTO
  • Bonus
  • Start time
  • Hybrid or Remote flexibility


#2 Job Hop:


Be ready to jump onto better opportunities. The increases are very high! An increase can look like from $15K to $50K for the same role. This type of increase can make a big difference in the trajectory of your life.


Start your research for higher-paying opportunities. Once you have an offer you like ask your current job to match the offer. If your current job does not match the offer, be prepared to jump to the next opportunity.


It is not rare to see millennials job hopping every two years to earn more. Always explore your options.


Here is what it looked like for me:


I worked at a Consulate during College that paid me minimum wage, $12.50 in San Francisco.


I decided to start looking for jobs and found a part-time at a non-profit for $20 an hour. I found a second job at a real estate office also part part-time for minimum wage.


This was a small jump from my previous salary! I asked the non-profit if they would consider hiring me full-time, 40 hours a week. They offered 30, meaning I had to quit my job at the real estate office and couldn’t do it because I valued the bonuses I was receiving.


I quit and continued at the real estate office but knew I had to find a different job to complete my full-time schedule. Two weeks later my contract changed without notice and removed my bonus. I had to make the difficult choice to quit and was left without a job.


I worked with a job agency in San Francisco that placed me at a different nonprofit and I negotiated my starting salary to $85K. The second year my salary increased to $92,500. The third year increased to $98K and then I negotiated my pay again and we landed at $116,000.


All while working in an Executive Assistant role in the same organization. During this time I saved $20K to get married in Costa Rica in December of 2019 and paid $30K in debt in a year and a half.


I did not settle for $20 an hour leading me to job hop and negotiate my salary to earn my first 6 figures.


When we work together:

  • I help you make more money in your 9-5 to achieve your goals faster
  • I help you give your extra money direction according to your goals


If this resonates with you, I want to invite you to work with me and book your sales call to start paying off your debt faster by raising your 9-5 income. Book a sales call.


I cannot wait to be part of your journey!


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