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If you do not know where your money is going then you are not in control of your money.


Budgeting does not need to be complicated but it is necessary to understand your numbers.


It can feel intimidating but I love to describe budgeting like planning a birthday party. You want to have a birthday party for a special person in your life and you want to make it extra special!


Imagine you go to Party City and you start grabbing balloons and decor without thinking about the theme of the party. Your next stop is Trader Joes and you grab chips, a dip, salads and meatballs. You then arrive at your home and realize the decor does not match because you did not choose a theme.


You start putting out the food and realize you did not grab spaghetti to go with the meatballs and forgot your favorite drink, sparkling pink lemonade. Let’s not even mention, you forgot the most important part, the cake!!! Ouch.


You did not write out the list of everything you needed.


See how chaotic that trip to the store felt. You were not prepared.


Budgeting is the same thing. It is important to plan every dollar that you bring in to avoid chaos.


In budgeting the important person is YOU.


Let’s think about budgeting as a way to plan the life you envision for yourself.


You are going to be surprised at how simple a budget can be!


Let me walk you through how I started budgeting ten years ago to understand my numbers and how to start gaining control of my money.


Step #1: I created a list in my planner of all my expenses and needs with due dates and amounts.

This was my planner in 2014! Can't believe I still have it.


Step #2: I wrote how much I was making and started subtracting my expenses. Next paycheck, I did the same process and covered everything that was due from that paycheck to the next time I got paid.


Step #3: With the money left over you can decide what you want to do with it depending on your goals.


Step #4: Be very clear of your goals and write it out. Examples of goals can be: pay off debt, save for a rainy day, invest it for long term gain, save for a trip, etc.


This is what my budget looked like in 2014.


It is a simple budget. You do not need to buy a spreadsheet from Etsy.


Your willingness does not come from a pretty spreadsheet although if it helps, sure go for it! They are so inexpensive but do not let it be an excuse.


If you are ready to stop feeling like money rules your life, you want to create a budget that is tailored to you and you want to create a plan to pay off debt, I want to help you!


I want you to regain control of your money. I want you to create the space to think about building the life you want to have next year. I want you to feel lighter in the mornings when you wake up.


I invite you to work with me! Book your sales call, HERE.


The sales call will be an opportunity for you to share with me where you currently are and where you see yourself. I will then share with you my plan and how we can work together.


I cannot wait to meet you!


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