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How to create a budget for beginners in 2024


This is your year! You will decide to take massive action in 2024, learn to pause when you need a break, and keep going. At the end of the year, you will be so grateful you started taking control of your money now.


Disclaimer: this blog post does not have a special recipe to achieve your money goals faster. The harsh truth is that you must make an effort to see the desired results.


Starting a budget as a beginner can be simple and easy, so let me walk you through it.


Why does starting a budget matter?


Financial clarity

The stress and anxiety around money often come from the lack of clarity on where your money is going. Creating a budget as a beginner does not have to be daunting, and it will give you a clear snapshot of your financial situation.


Having a visual of your numbers can make it most manageable to make informed decisions.


Achieving goals

Be clear about your money goals. Whether saving for your dream vacation, a down payment or getting out of debt, a budget will be your roadmap to achieve those goals.


Set due dates by when you would like to meet your goal. You want to be specific and intentional with your money to know if you are on track to hit your goals.


Reduce stress

There is no doubt that money is a high source of stress. A budget allows you to release stress by taking the numbers out of your head and onto paper or a spreadsheet, allowing you to not think about your numbers often.


Once you have a budget, you know you are taken care of, and money is going to your desired destination.


Creating a plan for your money will give you more control. You put in the work once and, moving forward, spend less time reviewing the budget because budgets do not change drastically from month to month.


Budgeting tips to get you started:


Set realistic Goals

What are your short-term goals and long-term goals? Do you want to pay off debt faster? Do you want to increase your savings? Do you want to save for something fun?


As a beginner in budgeting, you must be honest with yourself about your goals. The idea is to avoid making extreme changes on day one. Instead, you want to make small steps to build a sustainable habit.


Tailor your budget to reflect your priorities. A budget is a tool for awareness and not to restrict yourself. Allow your budget to say yes to having fun in the way it brings you the most joy.


Assess your finances

Start by understanding your income, expenses, debt, and savings. Create a simple budget, and do not get distracted by apps and sheets. Keep it simple. The main idea is to subtract your expenses and send minimum due payments to debt.


Extra money? Give it direction according to your goals. Want to pay off more debt? Send additional payments to debt. Want to increase savings? Contribute more to savings.



Track and adjust

Your budget is allowed to change. You will experience different seasons where your current budget does not match your current circumstances. Adjust as needed to ensure you can still follow your budget to meet your goals.


Track your expenses to ensure you know what is coming out of your checking account is exactly what is on the budget. This will help you with overspending and catching any payments you need to be aware of.


Do not let another year slip by without taking charge of your money. Starting a budget in 2024 will set you up for financial empowerment, reduce stress, and easily achieve your goals. With dedication and consistency, your financial situation can improve significantly in four months, six months, and a full year.


Starting a budget as a beginner can be intimidating. Taking one step day by day will make a huge impact.



When we work together:


  • I help you practice money habits to help you reach your long-term goals
  • I help you create a budget that aligns with your goals and allows you to have fun
  • I help you experience less stress and anxiety due to money


If this resonates with you, I invite you to work with me! I want to help you create a plan that introduces ease and makes it less intimidating. I want you to build the financial habits that lead you to success one step at a time. Book a sales call.


I cannot wait to be part of your journey!



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