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How To Build A Life You Never Saw Your Family Experience



Building a life you never saw your family experience comes from taking the efforts your family started to make the American dream. Now, here you are, taking it to the next level.


As the eldest daughters, we dare to dream differently. We dare to challenge the status quo.


Our parents made sacrifices, and now we have the honor to continue changing the trajectory of our family and future generations.


1. Self-reflection and vision:


Envision a life that has no barriers and limits. Envision what your life can look like waking up every morning. What will you see? What will you smell? How will it feel? What would the routine be? Dream so delusionally big that you smile and think, “I am going to get there!”


You can achieve your dream life! The Life that makes you feel like a Million dollars. Feeling like a million dollars is not the number but the feeling in this context.


2. Protect your vision:


Do not seek validation from people who are not living their dream life. This is YOUR dream! People will not understand your vision, and they will question you. They mean no harm, but they also cannot envision something for you if they cannot envision it for themselves.


The energy you will spend explaining your vision can go towards strategizing to get there.


3. Education and skills:


Building your dream life will require you to earn money where you can live comfortably now and create simultaneously. Choose the type of education and skills you can focus on to help you get there. A bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, vocational school, business, side hustle, and certificates can increase your income.


How will you achieve your dream life? Be specific if it will be your 9-5 job or on the side.


What do you enjoy? Cooking, photography, technology, personal finance, cleaning homes, lash technician, etc. You can make money with any skill set you have!


4. Money management-


You cannot avoid managing your money no matter how much you make. Spending has to be in alignment and with your goals in mind. Create a budget that helps you enjoy life now, build your dream life, and invest for retirement. Automate your accounts to avoid burnout. The more money you make, the faster you can get there.


5. Cultivating resilience and perseverance:


Learning to pause versus giving up is vital. Every failure will help you pivot to a different step towards your dream. The dream never changes. You are allowed to change the steps to get there.


Reflect on other journeys you have taken and accomplished because it proves you can achieve anything.


6. Building supportive relationships:


Supportive relationships can help cross the financial gap. They can be friends, family, and partners who offer emotional encouragement and practical help to make this journey less daunting.


However, how these relations can help can also set you back by a few years! You will need to develop financial boundaries and allow help that aligns with you.


7. Health and well-being:


Focusing on your health and well-being must be part of building your dream life. A healthier you has more energy, focus, and overall productivity, essential for career growth, income increase, creativity, etc. A healthy lifestyle reduces medical expenses and empowers you to make better financial decisions, ultimately accelerating your journey to financial freedom.


8. Try on future you, NOW:


Embracing the future version of you now is an act of self-love! You are making small, sustainable changes in your spending habits and investing in your skills and education to craft a better and more secure tomorrow.


The part I want you to practice is: What is the dream life you are building, and how can you try it now? Might you want to move to a small town away from the city? How about renting an AirBNB for a weekend to remind you of what awaits you? Trust me, this works to build on the momentum or if you need to spark your motivation.


Trying the future, you now accelerate your journey because you become laser-focused while building confidence in where you are heading with limitless opportunities.


When we work together:


  • I help you create a budget that aligns with your goals
  • I help you plan your dream life while focusing on debt and savings
  • I help you with tools to help your family without pausing your goals


If this resonates with you, I invite you to work with me! I want to help you get out of survival mode and the constant stress due to money to build your dream life. I want you to achieve your dream life in half the time. Book a sales call.


I cannot wait to be part of your journey!


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