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How Is My Credit Card Balance Increasing?


If you say “I don’t know how my credit card balance keeps increasing” this is for YOU.


You may have great intentions of using a credit card that gives you points to book your next flight. You want to get those points but your credit card balance keeps increasing.


Then you ask yourself: How did I get here? I just paid this off.


You are spending more than you can afford! If you do not have money for your purchase on your checking to cover the cost, do not buy it.


Quick tips:


  • Spend only what you can afford
  • Pay the credit card weekly in full to avoid paying interest
  • Use 30% of credit limit


Discipline is what we are aiming for here to spend only what you have. And you cannot avoid this, a budget!


It is important you know where your money is going and how much money you have left over. The bonuses or points are not worth it if you are paying for the interests each month.


Credit cards are not the devil, they can help with:


  • A sign on bonus
  • Zero interest rate for a few months
  • Accrue miles or points


Remember, credit cards are not bad, we need discipline to be able to use them appropriately.


Is the credit card you are using right for you? Pay attention to how many points you earn and by purchasing what?


My favorite credit card is the blue cash preferred! I earn 6% on cash back for buying groceries! Our budget for groceries is $600 a month! We all buy groceries and it is already incorporated in the budget, why not earn 6% back.


Do not use your credit card without checking in with your budget.


This year alone, I paid using points for my AirBNB in Antigua Guatemala during my solo trip and my AirBNB in New York for a Pokemon Festival. Husband and I are using an intro bonus to pay for our flights to Europe in December.


Credit cards can really work for you!


When we work together:


  • I help you budget to understand your numbers and give direction to what is left over
  • I help you leverage tools to have experiences that seem out of reach
  • I help you strategize to make your money work for you without feeling exhausted


Book a sales call here to chat on how we can work together and we can start removing the worry, stress and questions around your money!


I cannot wait to meet you! Abrazos!


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