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Five Things Moving Out Of State Has Surprisingly Taught Me


What a journey I’ve embarked on!


I moved out of California in April 2022 to reduce expenses and reach my financial goals faster.


Nine months later, I was surprised at five unexpected things it taught me!


1. I can hear my voice and follow my intuition because I trust myself


It is easy to be on autopilot and get carried away with everyone’s expectations in mind. I am not going to pretend and say I did not consider everyone’s opinions when I was making a choice. Living two states away, I am following my intuition without anyone questioning me. Is this what being an adult looks like?


I finally feel like I am living for me. I am trusting myself in my choices because only I can make decisions that are beneficial to me and my future. I feel at peace!


2. I am the Chingona I always thought I was!


I always knew this, OK! To map out a plan is one thing, BUT to live the life you have been envisioning is surreal! I 100% believe I am the Chingona that can make anything happen in my life.


Making the move a reality proved that I am in charge of my life and things don’t just happen to me but happen for me.


Two affirmations I live by:

  • I do not chase, I attract
  • What is for me will not pass me


3. Nothing is permanent and I can find happiness wherever I desire


I am safe and can be happy anywhere! I lived in Guatemala for 10 years, then moved to San Francisco, California, where I spent 21 years. I can move to another state or country; it does not have to be permanent!


Oftentimes, we are scared to make a move even if it is beneficial for that season of our lives because change is scary. Being scared will keep you stuck, even though abundance can be on the other side of fear. I used to say that I didn’t want to move anymore because I moved homes my entire life and wanted a stable home.


But here is what changed….


Growing up, we moved countries for better opportunities. Then we kept moving from home to home because of family issues, and we needed cheaper rent. Then we were financially stable and we could afford a bigger home. BUT things would get rocky and we had to downgrade again. Stability was everything I wanted, and we didn’t have it.


As I was getting older and struggling with money and being debt-free, my inner child started to crave stability again. I wanted to live in one home for a very long time. I didn’t want to be in limbo, and that meant having the same house or at least being in the same city.


But what happened? As I started to pay off debt and earn more income, I realized I could move anywhere and still feel safe, stable, and like I was home.


This is why I am no longer scared to move, because it is under my circumstances while attracting abundance. I am not in survival mode. It is a choice.


I am safe and stable no matter where I go, and this is the type of peace I help my clients with. I help them rewrite their story, resolve financial trauma, and accept abundance.


4. Unleashing guilt by redefining my role as a sister and daughter


The mind drama I experienced leading up to my move to Washington State almost convinced me to back out! I did not because I decided to do it scared to see where my intuition would take me. I kept feeling guilty for wanting to improve my life. I felt selfish for leaving my family behind. There is a sense of loss. I did not expect this move to shake my foundation the way it did.


I kept reminding myself, “It is time for something new. It is important to follow my intuition and dreams. My move is not permanent, and I can always come back. I have the means to come visit my family in SF. This is what I’ve been working so hard for. This is the life I envisioned for myself.”


I share this mind drama because as you are building your life, you will feel off, selfish, sad and may want to back out. You are the first one in your family!


The moves you are making in your life you have not seen them modeled before. There is this voice in your head that will want to keep you where you are, but it is not where YOU want to be. Swimming against the current will feel like the most difficult day. All your feelings are valid.


As the oldest daughter and sister, I took on a role, like many of us, to unconditionally be there for my parents and siblings. I have to thank my therapist for helping me redefine my role as a sister and daughter. The relief I feel knowing I can be great at both with many miles between us unleashed so much guilt!


I can redefine roles and weed out societal expectations that are not serving me.


5. Allowed me to heal my inner child, put myself first, and care for future me:


The money journey leads down paths that you never imagined you would be in. It’s more than saving or investing. It allows the space to become a better human. It allows the space to reconnect with yourself. And it allows you to HEAL.


I am creating the time and space to have fun. I am taking dance classes. I am exploring new places in a new state. I am continuously practicing rest without guilt.


I am working towards saving nine months of emergency funds to leave any toxic situation. I am investing to build generational wealth and to be work-optional.


I escaped living in survival mode and living for others. I have the capacity to think about everything that brings me joy.


When we work together:


  • I help you build the life you envision for yourself, and you never saw your family experience
  • I help you create a plan that works for you and set small, actionable steps
  • I help you improve your relationship with money and build the belief that you are good with money


If this resonates with you, I invite you to book a sales call with me here. I want to coach you and help you make your dreams a reality!


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