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Do You Wish You Had Started Looking At Your Finances Sooner?

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I often hear the phrase, “I wish I had started sooner.” You understand you must take steps with your money to get where you want to be.


If you are reading this, it is because you know you need to start, but something keeps you stuck.


The harsh truth is that any money goal you have will require you to be consistent and put in the work, and it will take time. You do not want to look back a year from now and think, “I wish I had started sooner.”


I do not want you to be in a circle of regret; instead, start taking action slowly. Whether saving, investing, or budgeting, the earlier you start, the better off you will be in the long run.


This blog will include why starting early with your money is important and actionable steps to start:


Start building the capacity to review your finances


What does building capacity mean? It means starting to prepare to take in information and start taking action. If you have not taken action, something is keeping you from starting.


What is it?


It can be that you have not addressed your money wounds. Your upbringing greatly influences how you view and feel about money today. You might believe that because your parents lost their home while you were growing up, you might lose your new home. You might also believe that because your parents lived paycheck to paycheck, it is normal for you to live paycheck to paycheck.


You need to understand that your parent’s circumstances are different than yours. You can build your own money story now. You can make your own money choices. Confronting the past and deciding to move forward will help you to build the capacity to start taking action with your money. You do not have to live paycheck to paycheck.


Stress might also be preventing you from having the capacity to review your finances. If you are experiencing a lot of stress, reviewing your finances adds to that stress. What can you do to take something off your plate to release some stress while you review your finances? This will help you build the capacity and get ahead with your finances.


Money problems do not disappear unless you take action.


Setting money goals


Starting now gives you more time to set and achieve your money goals. However, starting might feel overwhelming because you want to do everything at once!


Let’s take a different approach. Set a FUN money goal. I know you want to pay off the debt that does not let you sleep at night. But that money goal will not keep you motivated. Instead, focus on what you can do when you pay off your debt. Is that travel, working fewer hours, or moving to a more stress-free neighborhood? You will see how consistent you will be at paying off your debt.


After you choose a fun money goal, make sure you break it down into smaller, actionable steps. Those steps become your milestones, and celebrate every step forward you make. Any big or small milestone you reach is worth celebrating!


Do not lose on compound interest


Time is on your side, and we cannot get it back. Compounding allows your money to grow over time. For instance, if you invest $1,000 at an annual interest rate of 7%, it will grow to approximately $1,967 after ten years. Let’s say you wait five years to invest because you are not “ready.” Then, your return will be approximately $1,402 in five years.


The earlier you start, the more time your money has to grow.


Build a strong financial foundation


Starting sooner allows you to build a strong financial foundation. You can start building your emergency fund to help you in any emergency. The more solid your financial foundation becomes, the less stress you experience. You can start paying off your debt to free up more money and start investing to get out of the hamster-wheel a lot faster.


You start learning and understanding what works for you and building habits that help you live your life in alignment. With a strong financial foundation, you can focus on getting new hobbies and loving the life you are building.


Easy money tips to start today:


  1. Set a budget: Start by subtracting your expenses from your income to understand where your money goes.
  2. Build an emergency fund: Aim to have three to six months of expenses saved in a High Yield Account.
  3. Payoff your debt with the lowest balance due: First, focus on paying down the debt with the lowest balance due. This will build the self-trust you need to recognize that you can reach the goal of paying off debt!
  4. Start investing: Even small amounts can grow over time. Consider contributing to your employer’s 401K and receiving their match if they offer one. Consider opening a ROTH IRA, where you can withdraw your money tax-free.
  5. Learn as much as possible: Learn about personal finance to make informed decisions. We were not taught this in school, but you now have the power to start.
  6. Set goals: Get clear on your goals and how you want to live. This will help you set a plan and take action steps to achieve them.


The phrase “I wish I had started sooner” is very common when it comes to personal finances. But I want you to know that it is never too late to strengthen your financial health. Choose one action item you can commit to, get comfortable with it, and then move on to the second.


Start small and stay consistent; your future self will thank you!


When we work together:


  • I will help you gain clarity on how you want to live your life and create a plan to get you there
  • I will help you set up a budget to understand your numbers and give each dollar a purpose to decrease anxiety and stress around money
  • I will help you enjoy the now instead of living in the past because you are doing the work required to get ahead financially


I invite you to book a call below to chat and see if we are a fit. There is no perfect time to start.


The time is always now.

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