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Why Dave Ramsey’s Advice Does Not Work For You

Dave Ramseys Advice

My community needs nurturing and safety around money.   Dave Ramsey is the most well-known person in the personal finance community. However, his advice hinders my community because it leaves them feeling hopeless. His advice comes from a privileged point of view and fails to support immigrant communities.   Shaming my community does not empower […]

This Is Why You Are Still Stressed About Money

This is why you are still stressed about money. You keep trying many methods to save and pay off debt, and they are not working.   You are now questioning, what is wrong with you?   Well, you are believing your parents’ money story is yours.   When you don’t know any different, you start […]

Tips To Have Tough Money Conversations With Your Parents

It is time to start having money conversations with your parents if you are working two jobs and feeling tired, stressed, and unmotivated. Helping your parents with money is not the only way to be helpful.   As I started having money conversations with my mom, I started to understand that in our culture, children […]

How To Help Your Parents If You Are Their Retirement Plan?

I know it can feel hard to get ahead financially when you have people who depend on you.   As Women of Color, you want to help the people around you, but sometimes it feels like you can’t help them AND yourself.   Expecting one income to support multiple family members and yourself is unreasonable. […]

Five Things Moving Out Of State Has Surprisingly Taught Me

What a journey I’ve embarked on!   I moved out of California in April 2022 to reduce expenses and reach my financial goals faster.   Nine months later, I was surprised at five unexpected things it taught me!   1. I can hear my voice and follow my intuition because I trust myself   It […]