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How To Leverage Your 9-5 Skills To Make Money

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Learning to make your own money outside of your corporate job is the key to next-level money security and financial freedom.   The traditional 9-5 model may not always be sufficient to reach your financial goals. Your 9-5 skills are the key to unlocking new income streams and achieving financial freedom.   If your 9-5 […]

How To Reach $100K Salary As An Executive Assistant

An Executive Assistant can be well compensated, and the role is not complicated.   You do not need another degree to reach six figures. Many people work with higher titles and lower compensation, but Executive Assistants can land a life-changing salary.   I want you to walk away knowing you can get paid for the […]

How To Choose Your Next Job With A Salary That Is Life-Changing

Oh, the importance of choosing your next job with a salary that improves your life and allows you to reach your goals and exist without constantly feeling burnt out.    What is that? I know!    When was the last time we were able just to exist? As soon as we are employed, all bills […]

How To Add A Side Hustle Without Burning Out

If you are entering the era of side hustles, I am rooting for you!   Increasing your income is the fastest way to reach your financial goals. Adding a different income stream also helps build safety for yourself in case you lose your main source of income. You can always rely on your other avenues […]

How To Prepare For A Layoff And Celebrate

Many layoffs are happening, and being prepared is the best you can do.   The thought of a layoff can be daunting, but being financially prepared can alleviate some of the stress with the unexpected news. By being proactive with your finances, you can avoid being behind on your monthly expenses, find your next career […]

Your Guide To Recovering From Job Loss: 8 Steps To Bounce Back

Life has this weird way of testing us to see if we can still be resilient by throwing us curve balls. As if, once again, we have to pass a test. Excuse me, dear life? We have passed several tests, so we do not need another one!   On a more serious note, losing a […]

What Can You Negotiate?

If you are not negotiating you are leaving money on the table!   Sorry to break it to you but you are making Tom richer and if you are ready to put more money in your pocket, keep reading.   As women of color, we need to advocate for ourselves when it feels out of […]