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Can Women Of Color Invest In The Stock Market?


Have you asked yourself: Is investing for me?


I know is hard to try to understand a concept that is unheard of in our communities. It is an identity shift and can make you feel that you don’t belong to be part of the conversation.


I want to remind you that although it is a privilege, it is a privilege that your parents worked hard for and it is OKAY to take advantage.


The easiest answer is, YES, women of color can all invest!


You can pay off debt, save for rainy days, and contribute to your 401K! Many employers match contributions so even if you do not understand it, consider contributing at least the 401K match.


Investing in the stock market does not have a color and it is available to you.


According to CNBC research, “83% of women are investing the same amount or more in their brokerage accounts compared to last year”.


The more we talk about investing in the stock market the more women in our community will learn about the topic and join us to build wealth.


Here is what I want you to know:

I want you to see money as the driver of opportunities. There are different levels and while you are getting yourself out of survival mode, you can invest up to your employer’s match. Let’s say your employer matches 3% so then you invest 3%. You have time on your side to compound interest! This is why it is important to start soon.


Investing can feel difficult because we did not learn it from our parents and school. You are the first one that keeps hearing about investing and now you are curious.


I want you to know that you do not need to be debt-free to start. You do not need a lot of money nor do you need to wait to learn everything.


The time to start is always NOW.


I don’t want you to think investing is not for women of color. I want you to see this as an opportunity to change your future and create generational wealth.


If you have extra cash each month, how can you get ahead and change the trajectory of your life?


Steps to start:

#1 The most simple way to start is to contribute to your 401K and start earning your employer’s 401K match.


#2 Open a Roth IRA and try to max out each year. The maximum contribution is $6,500 a month.


#3 If you are ready for this step, go back to your 401K and contribute the maximum which is $22,500 each year.


Here is how investing looked for me and my family:

My mom started investing at the age of 50 years old and those investments can still sit on her investment account for a few years to help with retirement. She has been maxing it out every year!


I started investing at the age of 28 years old with zero knowledge. My job offered a 3% match on my 401K. I do not like leaving money on the table so I contributed 3%. The idea was that I would learn about it when I had more time.


Since then I increased my knowledge and now have a ROTH IRA and a second brokerage account. I am 30K away from investing my first $100K! They say the first $100K takes the longest and it is so true!


My sister is turning 18 and is opening a ROTH IRA. She is starting 10 years before me! If she contributed $100 a month for ten years, she would have almost $20K. If she saved $100 a month for ten years, she would have $12K.


Imagine how much that money will grow in 20 and 30 years. Invest for long-term gain.


I changed the trajectory of my family and future generations. Our future generations will inherit wills and trust funds!


Instead of helping my family with money, I have helped them with resources and the tools to collect their own bag! We are all leveling up!


When we work together…

  • I help you expand your money possibilities by thinking about how to expand your resources vs simply giving or making more money.
  • I help you understand how you can start investing while paying off debt.
  • I help you think about your family and how they can build wealth without your hard-earned money.


If this resonates with you, I want to invite you to work with me and book a sales call to help your family members with resources and options to thrive without your hard-earned money.


I want to help you start building wealth today so you can live your best life.


Investing is not only for the rich, investing is also for women of color!


I cannot wait to be part of your journey! Book your call!


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