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Building The Financial Stability You Didn’t Have Growing Up


If you come from a low-income background, you know what it is like not having financial stability. You know what it is like to move homes because the rent increased. If you have immigrant parents, you know what it is like to build from the ground up. If you are the eldest sibling, you were there to witness the sacrifices your parents had to make.


It is crucial to build financial stability in this state of the world. For the majority, financial stability is not something we grew up with. However, the difference is that you can build a safety net for yourself regardless of your past.


Knowing that your parents’ money choices are not yours, nor do they define you, is crucial. You can start fresh now.


You can create the financial safety you did not have growing up, allowing you to heal past financial wounds.


Understanding your current financial standing

This is the first step, and is to understand your financial standing. You need to understand your income, expenses, debt, and savings. It is also essential to understand your employer’s benefits because this is an advantage you have that can lower the cost of out-of-pocket services. This step allows you to start building the foundation to build financial stability.


After calculating your budget and seeing your extra income, assess if you make enough. If you do not make enough, perhaps increasing your salary by obtaining a new job or negotiating your salary is a great idea. The more you make, the faster you can achieve your money goals.


Budget and fun money

A budget is your tool to manage your money and understand where it goes. Think about it as your roadmap and intentionally create a budget that includes your income and subtracts your must expenses and debt. The money left over is used for your goals, such as paying more toward debt, increasing savings, sending more to retirement, etc.


Your budget must include fun money. Fun money allows you to create sustainable habits with your money. It allows you to reach your money goals faster and have fun. The fun money fund has to be chosen responsibly, of course.


Emergency fund creation

This is a huge step in building a safety net for yourself. At a minimum, having three months of emergency funds can help in times of need. If you have already met that goal, aim to increase your emergency fund from six months to a year. Creating a longer emergency fund allows you to care for yourself and find opportunities that better suit you versus choosing options out of desperation. Again, be intentional in every step as you build safety.


Do not feel guilty using your emergency fund in times of need. You are building it for this, but be honest with yourself if it is an emergency!


Managing debt

Debt can set you back in your financial progress. Prioritize debt with a lower balance and pay minimums to the rest of the debts to build momentum. Consider negotiating your interest to accelerate the payment process.


If you pay debt by paying the lower balance first, you ensure you build a sustainable habit and help you make faster progress.


Invest in your future

Yes, saving is important, but by investing part of your money, you get to concentrate on letting your money work hard for you and grow without you not doing anything else. You can focus on 401Ks and Roth IRAs that offer compound growth.


Take advantage of your employer’s match to reach your financial goals faster. That is free money!


Financial literacy

Learning about personal finance is your choice. It seems counterintuitive that you are taught this in schools, but the sad reality is that it is not. However, you can change that and the trajectory of your life and family by making more educated decisions.


You can learn more about financial literacy through your bank, library, personal finance accounts, podcasts, and books.


It is time to unlearn and rewrite your own money story! The financial wounds you are currently carrying come from how you were raised. You do have the opportunity to unlearn the beliefs taught to you by someone else’s circumstance. You have the power to rewrite your own money story.


Remember, building financial security takes time. Each step you take today is to create a more secure tomorrow.


You are on the right track!



When we work together:


  • I help you write your own money story by unpacking your limiting beliefs
  • I help you create a plan to nurture your inner child and build financial stability
  • I help you change the trajectory of your life and expand your money possibilities


If this resonates with you, I invite you to work with me! I want to help you escape from survival mode and experience less stress and more peace. I want you to feel empowered with money and use it as a tool to elevate your life. Book a sales call.


I cannot wait to be part of your journey!



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