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The Energy: Pero I Can Do It Too


Hola! I’m Orlenda Cortez, Latina Money Coach and creator of Pero I Can Do It Too. A platform to help you feel confident with your money, help you leave survival mode, and have more fun in your life!


How it all started….


I always heard that I needed to build good credit to buy a house, pay less interest, rent a house, etc. I was undocumented until the age of 21, and as soon as I received my social security number, I applied for as many credit cards as I could. I had 16 maxed-out credit cards and $30K in debt in about two years.


More money will solve my problems, right?


Well, I increased my income three times, but I could not pay off my debt. I knew all the strategies, but I did not believe there was a world where I did not live paycheck to paycheck.


In 2017, my boyfriend proposed, and I imagined a destination wedding in Costa Rica and a honeymoon in Japan and Bali. The first year, we focused on increasing our income. I successfully increased my income by $38K. The second year, we focused on paying off our wedding. This experience taught me that I needed self-trust and belief that it was possible for me!


When I returned from the honeymoon, I faced the reality of my debt waiting for me. I used the same strategies. The fun goal of having a destination wedding led me to pay off my debt in one year and a half!


After paying off my debt, I built a life of adventure and new experiences. I moved from California to Washington State to decrease my living expenses, focus on building wealth, and grow my money coaching business.


I was laid off in 2023, and I celebrated it! I spent ten days in Puerto Vallarta soaking up the sun! At this time, I decided to go full-time in my business. I created opportunities and safety for myself while working my 9-5.


I am on a mission to help women of color build self-trust, create safety, feel confident, have more fun, and experience less stress!


This life is possible for you!


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