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Empowering women of color to unapologetically build a life they never saw their family experience

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You have the power to change the trajectory of your life!

Of course, You can build a life you have never seen your family experience.

Hola! My name is Orlenda Cortez, Latina Money Coach and founder of Pero I Can Do It Too. A platform to help women of color feel confident with their money. 


I started my money journey with ZERO knowledge and deep in debt. The phrase that kept me going was, “Pero, I Can Do It, Too.” I’m here to tell you that if an undocumented Guatemalan can get out of debt, travel to beautiful places around the world, start investing for retirement, and move states to slow down her life, YOU CAN DO IT, TOO!


I know you are a badass that makes sh*t happen!

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